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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!

Kyle and I will be having our Thanksgiving in Bellingham, our new home. I am thankful we have found a place that we love:)

I am sure most of you know what you will be making for Thanksgiving. If not, this is what I will be having for Thanksgiving: Continue reading

How can I transition to a vegetarian/vegan/raw diet?

Maybe you want to eat healthier or maybe you want to become vegan due to ethical reasons or for environmental reasons, etc. I can help you transition! First, make sure you have good reasons to become a vegetarian, a vegan or a raw vegan. Second, read and watch videos about veganism. Third, follow the process. You can skip stages if you would like. However, you may be more successful if you do it gradually. Try each stage for at least a couple of weeks. Continue reading

Laughing Seed Cafe

The great thing about living in Asheville, North Carolina was eating at all of the vegan-friendly places. In my opinion, Laughing Seed is the second best vegan-friendly restaurant in Asheville after Plant. It is located on a side street amongst shops in downtown Asheville. Jack of the Wood, a local bar is downstairs and can be accessed by a staircase inside the restaurant. Continue reading