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Environmentally friendly alternatives to tampons and pads

I am continuing my journey to living as green as possible. I decided to stop using tampons and pads! I never knew there was an alternative to tampons. They are not in the grocery store and no one talks about it. I found out there was an alternative by reading the books, “Moneyless Man” and “No Impact Man.” The idea of reusing a cup seemed weird to me and I didn’t know exactly how it worked. However, I did some research online and after learning more I decided to buy a moon cup. I have already used it for one cycle. I feel comfortable using it and I am so happy that I made the switch. It is so much better for the environment and I save a lot of money!

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7 things you can do to save $731

How much money can you save in a year?

1. Cancel one magazine subscription. Read the magazine at the library. A 1 year subscription to People magazine is $116 as stated on
2. Use cloths instead of paper towels. You can buy a set of 4 dish towels for $4. Paper towels cost about $2 for 3 rolls. The average family uses 52 rolls of paper towels a year costing them about $35.
3. Use a moon cup instead of tampons or pads. A moon cup is $30 and can last for years. You would use 21 tampons at most for each cycle. A pack of 20 is around $5. Tampons cost $60 a year.
4. Wear glasses instead of contacts. A year supply of contacts cost about $125. Contact solution costs about $50 a year. One pair of glasses cost about $150 with an eye exam. Remember that glasses will probably last longer than a year.
5. Cancel your cable and watch television online. The most popular Directv cable subscription is $360 a year.
6. Don’t buy books. Get them from the library. Let’s say you buy 10 books a year at $15 each. You would spend $150 a year.
7. Take a 5 minute shower instead of a 15 minute shower. You will use 35 gallons for a 5 minute shower and 105 gallons for a 15 minute shower. You will use 6370 gallons of water a year if you take a shower every other day for 5 minutes. You will use 19,110 gallons of water a year if you take a shower every other day for 15 minutes. By saving 12,740 gallons a year you will save about $19 assuming the water rate is $1.50 per 1000 gallons. This does not include heating the water. Remember this is just for one person!

Total Savings: $731!!!

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7 Things You Don’t Need!

I am not trying to be a Debbie downer. I just think that we can save our money, reduce our waste and simplify our lives. You don’t have to stop doing all of these things. Take it in baby steps. If you get coffee every morning, try and go three times a week instead and work your way up so that you only go once every couple of weeks. You don’t need to stop doing all of these things. Pick one and start with that.

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