Category: Environmentalism

Zero Waste Challenge

The zero waste movement has really taken off. In case you are not familiar with it, it is a lifestyle that aims to produce as little trash as possible. There are many benefits to joining this movement. 1. It is ethical. 2. It is economical. 3. It is efficient. Let me be clear. True zero waste will never be achieved. However, I think everyone can do their part to waste less.

Below I have listed the progress I have made over the years to produce less waste. Even though it has been many years of trying to reduce my waste, I still have a long way to go. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Any one action you take will make a difference.

My challenge to you is for you to look at your own life. What can you do right now to reduce your waste? Choose one thing or choose 10 things.

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The truth about soap

The vast majority of the products on the shelf don’t say soap on their labels. They might be called beauty bars, moisturizing bars, or body bars, but not soap. That’s because these aren’t actually soap and can’t legally claim to be. They are detergents. Many of these products contain synthetic lathering agents and harsh chemicals. Many “soaps” contain triclosan which is a toxic chemical known to cause cancer. Other bad things in these products are phthalates which are linked to reproductive disorders and parabens which links to cancer.

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