About Me

Why “The Unconventional Vegan”?:

I am Erica Wollman, The Unconventional Vegan. I call myself The Unconventional Vegan because I have challenged the traditional way of life. I enjoy creating my own path and not following in the path of others. My hope is to show people alternative ways of living. I also want to create a community of other unconventional vegans.

Ways I have lived an unconventional life:

  • I have been vegan since 2011.
  • My husband, Kyle and I are child-free by choice. We also don’t have any pets.
  • We do not own a television, a car or a house.
  • We have lived and worked in 8 states.
  • We quit our jobs in 2015 to travel the world. We went to New Zealand, Indonesia and Japan.
  • We are minimalists and have lived in a space as small as 350 square feet.

How and Why I Became Vegan:

I have been vegan since June 2011. I had been following the blog, zenhabits (zenhabits.net). It is a great blog and I am interested in and agree with his blog posts. I had been reading zenhabits before I became a vegan. Leo Babauta writes about simplicity, health & fitness, motivation, frugality, happiness, goals, and living in the moment. I am interested in all of these subjects. In May 2011, I happened to read a blog post he wrote about veganism: http://zenhabits.net/diet/ This blog post got me thinking. This is how my thought process went: If Leo writes about all of these topics and I agree with them, why am I not vegan? I decided to research further.

I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres. In an interview, she said that she became vegan after watching “Earthlings”. I decided to watch it. You can watch “Earthlings” HERE. It was difficult to watch. After watching it, I decided to become vegan. I did not want to contribute to the suffering of animals. My husband and I decided that from that point on we would no longer buy non-vegan food or support zoos and circuses. I lost about 15 pounds in the first month! I felt better and had more energy.

  • I am vegan because I don’t want animals to suffer.
  • I am vegan because I want to help the environment.
  • I am vegan because I want to eat healthy.
  • I am vegan because I want to reduce my risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Personal Information:

I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Wyoming in Laramie in 2010. Since then, my husband, Kyle and I have lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Vermont, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon and Texas. I have been a hiking guide, preschool teacher, ski instructor, banquet server, cashier, and an administrator at three different social justice non-profits. I currently live in Austin, Texas.

My Goals:

1. I would like to spread the word about veganism.
2. I would like to spread the word about minimalism and sustainable living. Recently, I have learned more about the zero waste movement and am making changes in my life to reduce my waste.
3. I would like to share my travels and photography.

My Photography

I became interested in photography when I was in college. My husband received a Sony Cybershot as a graduation present. I loved taking pictures with this camera as we traveled around the United States. After settling in Bellingham, Washington I decided to purchase a DSLR camera. I currently have a Nikon D5100 and love it!

Awards and Publications

My Yellowstone sunset picture was selected as one of the Finalist Award Winners in the First Annual Witness to Nature Photo Contest in 2011.

Yellowstone National Park

My sunset picture at Bellingham Bay along with a short article was featured in the Bellingham Herald on October 15, 2012.


Bellingham Bay

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