Zero Waste Challenge

The zero waste movement has really taken off. In case you are not familiar with it, it is a lifestyle that aims to produce as little trash as possible. There are many benefits to joining this movement. 1. It is ethical. 2. It is economical. 3. It is efficient. Let me be clear. True zero waste will never be achieved. However, I think everyone can do their part to waste less.

Below I have listed the progress I have made over the years to produce less waste. Even though it has been many years of trying to reduce my waste, I still have a long way to go. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Any one action you take will make a difference.

My challenge to you is for you to look at your own life. What can you do right now to reduce your waste? Choose one thing or choose 10 things.

Already accomplished:

Before 2010:

  1. Reusable water bottle
  2. Library books instead of buying books
  3. Cancelled newspaper/magazine subscriptions
  4. Reusable bags for groceries


  1. Started shopping at thrift stores
  2. Started to recycle


  1. Menstrual cup: I wrote a blog post explaining my reasons for ditching tampons and pads.
  2. Stopped buying disposable napkins
  3. Re-usable bags for produce 
  4. Started using a bidet. I wrote a blog post about why we stopped using toilet paper.
  5. Started composting: I wrote a blog post about things you need to know about composting.


Rice in bulk


  1. Tea in bulk
  2. Reusable soap dispensers for hand soap and dish soap
  3. Bulk toilet paper
  4. Stopped using parchment paper, bought a Silpat
  5. Dry beans in bulk
  6. Handkerchief instead of Kleenex
  7. Spices in bulk
  8. Really reduced buying pre-made food
  9. Living a car-free life! We walk more and take public transportation.


  1. Cloths instead of sponges for cleaning, Lunatec for washing dishes
  2. Bigger glass jars to store rice, beans, oats and popcorn
  3. Reusable bags for spices
  4. Make own deodorant
  5. Make own toothpaste
  6. Make own air freshener
  7. Stopped using plastic wrap and paper towels
  8. Wooden scrubber with replaceable heads for washing dishes
  9. Make own lip balm
  10. Use soap nuts for laundry
  11. Recycled bags for garbage liners
  12. Compostable toothbrushes
  13. Floss without plastic packaging

Ways I can still improve:

  1. Stop using cleaners with harmful chemicals and make own cleaners
  2. Make own makeup
  3. Make own shampoo or buy in bulk, can also use shampoo soap bars
  4. Use a cloth towel instead of paper towel when out and about
  5. Bring glass container for leftovers when eating out

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