49 nights on the North Island of NZ for around $8 per person/night!

My husband and I spent 49 nights on the North Island of New Zealand. We spent on average $8.29 US per person/night! It would have been cheaper if we didn’t pay for Airbnb accommodations in Auckland for 12 nights, but we needed that time to sell our car, camping stuff and plan for the next leg of our world travel adventure. We bought a non self-contained vehicle in Christchurch and made our way up to the North Island. There are many free campsites even if you have a non self-contained vehicle. We used CamperMate (http://www.campermate.co.nz/welcome/index) as a resource. We stayed at a lot of DOC (Department of Conservation) campsites (http://www.doc.govt.nz/campsites).

Click here to see a list of every campsite and Airbnb we stayed at.

Click here to see the campsites and Airbnb’s on a map.

49 nights on the North Island = $1,249 NZD ($812 US*) for two people

*At the time (March – May 2016) the conversion rate was $1 NZD = .65 US

$16.57 US per night for 2 people
$8.29 US per night for 1 person

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