Living comfortably in a 350 square foot apartment

My husband and I had been living in a 600 square foot apartment. However, we felt like it was too big for us. So, we decided to move to a 350 square foot apartment (13 feet X 28 feet) in the same building. We are so happy that this apartment became available because we can stay in this fabulous location in Queen Anne near downtown Seattle. The bus stop is right across the street and it is a 10 minute ride to my office.

We have been living in this 350 square foot apartment since November 2014. We love it. We have everything we need. We enjoy having less stuff. It is freeing. We also love not having to spend as much time cleaning. We spend a lot of time together, but we can still do our own thing in a small space.

Here are the reasons why you should consider downsizing:

1. Save money! We now pay $750/month instead of $1,150/month.

2. To live more simply.

3. Spend less money on heat.

4. No wasted space, furniture, and appliances. We rarely used the dining room table and did not use the entire counter top and cabinet space. We rarely used the dishwasher.

5. Less cleaning! We got rid of our vacuum cleaner. There is less space to sweep and keep clean.

6. Forces you to get rid of stuff that you don’t use everyday. If you haven’t used something in the last 6 months, it’s safe to say you can ditch it.

7. Better for the environment.

I understand that living in a 350 square foot apartment is not for everyone. But, if you are living in a 3,000 square foot home, you may want to consider living in a 1,000 square foot home.

Our 600 Square Foot Apartment Tour:


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