Buy Quality

A video I recently uploaded to YouTube is about buying quality things rather that cheap things. I don’t like to spend money, therefore it is hard for me to splurge on quality things. However, I have found that it is worth buying quality things because they last a lot longer than cheap things.

  1. Don’t buy mattresses at Goodwill even if it is brand new. They are not good mattresses. We bought a new mattress from Goodwill and we did not like it because any movement would rock the entire bed. We like the mattress we got from Tuft & Needle. They have great reviews and are well made.
  2. Buy a good blender, especially if you use it every morning to make smoothies. We love our Vitamix. It is powerful and it is very versatile. You can make smoothies, nut butters, ice cream and more.

  3. Buy good towels! They definitely beat the crappy ones from Walmart. More expensive towels are softer and more absorbent.

  4. I like good quality shoes like Keen and Chacos. I will spend $90 on Chacos because they are durable and will last 5+ years.

  5. Buy a good winter jacket. You can find slightly used jackets and great outdoor gear from brands like Merrell, The North Face, Columbia at Goodwill and Ross.

  6. Buy good, quality outdoor gear like sleeping bags, tents, etc. A cheap place to find quality products is Steep & Cheap