Casa Que Pasa in Bellingham, WA


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We heard about Casa Que Pasa when Kyle saw someone at work with a huge burrito and asked where he got it. I looked at their menu online and was excited to see that they had something on their menu called “Vegan Supercrunch.” It contains Spanish rice, pinto beans, salsa, lettuce, bean sprouts, crushed tortilla chips, and sunflower seeds. This burrito is $6.99. We both got it. We were only able to eat half of it because it was so huge!

Casa Que Pasa is located in Bellingham, Washington at 1415 Railroad Ave. Other vegan options include the vegetarian special burrito and pinto or black bean tostadas. Casa Que Pasa is known for their potato burritos. Unfortunately, the sauce contains dairy:(

The atmosphere is very laid back. You order at the register and choose a table. You get your own water, utensils and additional burrito ingredients (salsas and spicy carrots). After you are done eating you bus your own table.

Honestly, the burrito was average. It was a little spicy and the crunchy sprouts were weird in a burrito. No great flavors came through. But, I like the atmosphere and affordable food.




  1. Sophie33

    No. We only have 1 loving hut: 100% vegan in Leuven, Belgium! Belgium is still a very meat eating country. We have rarely vegan options! We only have vegetarian cafés & bistros & they are rarely too! 😦

  2. Erica Wollman

    Belgium! Very cool:) Well, hopefully veganism starts becoming a trend in Belgium. Good for you for becoming vegan. It must be hard being among a bunch of meat-eaters. Stay strong.

    Thanks for visiting my site Sophie:)

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