What I have been up to recently…

  1. Kyle and I are now volunteers with the Whatcom Humane Society. We love it! We can volunteer whenever we want as long as there is staff at the shelter. We decided to do the training for Dog TLC which means we walk dogs, play with the puppies and play with the dogs in the outside pens.

  1. I follow Action for Animals on Facebook. Action for Animals is a non-profit organization based out of Seattle. They promote a vegan lifestyle. They were asking for volunteers to pass out Valentine’s Day themed flyers. I e-mailed the guy telling him I wanted to do this. A few days later I received a free package in the mail containing 150 flyers, stickers, and other resources including recipes. Yesterday my friend and I passed out about 90 flyers at Western Washington University. Many people accepted the flyer, some people were interested in becoming vegan and spoke with us, some said “no thank you” and some steered clear from us. We had such a great time! We told people how easy it is to become vegan:) Many people think that eating a vegan diet is expensive. We told them it is cheaper than a typical diet if you buy rice, beans, vegetables, etc. in bulk. The pre-packaged, processed stuff is what makes it expensive. We are hoping to pass out flyers again soon at Whatcom Community College. This is the link to the flyer:


action for animals

  1. I have been discovering new products that I love.

new cookie dough 2

This is Eat Pastry Cookie Dough. This one is chocolate chip. It is so good. I eat it right out of the tub! (I also bake some…) I have also tried Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip. The peanut butter chocolate chip is good but the gluten-free chocolate chip tastes weird to me.

new annie chuns

This is Annie Chun’s noodle bowl. They are pretty good. I usually add additional vegetables. Not all of her bowls are vegan so make sure you check the labels. If it is vegan there will be a label on the front.

new ice cream

This is Coconut Bliss’s Naked Coconut non-dairy ice cream. It is pretty good. I am excited to try the other flavors. Unfortunately it is more expensive than the other non-dairy ice creams.

new cinnamon rolls

I bought these cinnamon rolls at Vegan Haven in Seattle. They are very good.

What have you been up to?


  1. Molly

    Those cinnamon rolls and cookie dough are really good! We also tried the Amy’s pizza that you posted about and loved it. Mike especially was happy with that. 🙂

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