10 things you can do to help animals

I don’t believe that we should use animals for our food, clothing, entertainment, etc. As a vegan, I am standing up for what I believe in. But, I want to do something more. I recently read the book, “You Can Save the Animals” by Ingrid Newkirk. This book suggests many actions you can take to help animals. Here are ten of them:

  1. Volunteer at a humane animal shelter.
  2. Encourage others to become vegetarian by wearing a veggie button, baseball cap, or t-shirt and providing information to those who request it.
  3. Use suggestion boxes at grocery stores and fill in comment cards to sell veggie products.
  4. Ask your local ballpark to serve veggie dogs.

  5. Organize forums and speak at club meetings, church groups, public libraries, and service groups. Show a video and hand out leaflets on factory farming and vegetarianism. Provide recipes and samples. Ask a local vegetarian or health food store to sponsor your effort and perhaps supply food samples and information pamphlets on the issue.

  6. Ask your grocer to create a vegetarian line at the store so you won’t have to put your groceries on a conveyor belt full of blood and salmonella leaked from packages of red meat and chicken.

  7. Leave leaflets in hospital waiting rooms, health spas, salons, grocery store shelves, pet shops, libraries, bathrooms, on subway, bus and train seats, and car windshields.

  8. Ask your congresspeople to stop subsidies to meat, dairy, and egg producers. Tell them about the risks to human health, enormous cost to taxpayers of treating illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, the fact that livestock farming inflicts immense damage on animals and land, and state opposition to the mistreatment. Ask that the letter be answered.

  9. Ask the local paper to write a story on the advantages of a vegetarian diet or the cruelties of the factory farm.

  10. Write to companies. Ask them to use a not tested on animals logo. Ask local store managers to stock products with the logo.

Here is a great quote from the book: “The beautiful thing is that activism is extremely easy and takes countless forms. It can be polite, practical, and incorporated seamlessly into our lives. Or it can be exciting, avant-garde, and raucous. It takes all kinds of people and all kinds of actions to get the job done. All that matters is that enough of us do something, and all the bits and pieces will come together to make one glorious success story.”

Be inspired. Take Action.

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