The Black Pearl in Bellingham, Washington

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The other night Kyle and I ate at The Black Pearl. I love pho and always eat at Pho ’99 in Bellingham to get pho but I wanted to try a new place. I loved it and am excited to go back there to try all of their vegan dishes.

There are two locations in Bellingham. One at 1255 Barkley Blvd and the other downtown on Railroad next to Bob’s Burger & Brew. They are a full service restaurant specializing in fine Asian Cuisine. They serve pho (vietnamese noodle soup), thai curry dishes, teriyaki dishes, crepes, exotic salads, smoothies, and bubble tea. They offer many gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian dishes.

The restaurant is small but nice. It is clean and comfortable. They have a flat screen television with pictures depicting their dishes. I was excited to see a vegetarian/vegan specials section of the menu! Vegans can choose to have fresh spring rolls, fried vegetable spring rolls, tofu pho, vegetarian vermicelli bowl, vegetarian salad, tofu teriyaki and tofu curry. I love all the options!

I love bubble tea and haven’t had it since I became vegan. Almost all of their “milkshake” style bubble teas are vegan because they are made with either soy milk or coconut milk. There are many flavors to choose from. Some of the flavors include green tea, mango, thai tea, banana split, pina colada, and orange creamsicle. I decided to get the chai and Kyle got the taro. Kyle describes the taro as a vanilla flavor.

My husband ordered the tofu teriyaki with a side salad. He requested for it to be spicy and asked for the vegan dressing. He enjoyed it and was happy to hear that it could be served with brown rice instead of white rice. He said that it wasn’t very spicy even though they added some jalapenos on top. He added Sriracha sauce which made it a lot better!

I ordered the tofu pho which was served with cilantro, basil, lime, bean sprouts and jalapenos. Some vegetables included carrots, mushrooms and onions. It was very good! I love eating pho with hoisin sauce which they had.

Honestly, I will probably keep going to Pho ’99 to get my pho because it is cheaper and closer to my house. However, I will go back to get their bubbles teas!

For more information go to their website at


  1. bc

    The best pho in Bellingham is La Patisserie on Northwest (they also own La La eatery next to trader joe’s but I avoid that parking lot). best veggie broth in town

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