Night Photography

1. Switch your camera to manual mode.

2. Use a shutter speed of 1″ to start with.

3. Set the camera on a tripod.

4. Use the self-timer. Make sure you cover the eye piece.

5. If the lights aren’t bright enough, try a slower shutter speed. If the lights are too bright, try a quicker shutter speed.

Western Washington University

Western Washington University: exposure time-3 seconds

Edens Hall at Western Washington University

Edens Hall at Western Washington University: exposure time-4 seconds

*Information from


  1. Kamaly

    Thanks, Mike!I’ll look into it. It does take a while. And the 48 Million tons figure is revnealt to Seattle (and in particular, the Seattle hearings on the Cherry Point export terminal), since that’s how much coal will go through downtown Seattle. But some other number might be more appropriate for the Portland metro area. Under current plans, and combining all the export proposals on the table right now, far less than 48 M tons would go through Portland proper, but much more than would pass through the metro area as a whole, combining rail & barge, and both north and south of the Columbia.Regardless, that coal pile would positively dwarf Portland’s buildings. Wikipedia tells me that the tallest building in downtown Portland is ~400 feet shorter than Seattle’s tallest, the Columbia tower. Tall buildings in Portland are more on the scale of the Smith Tower, the rightmost building in both of those graphics.

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