Asheville, North Carolina

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Even though we only lived in Asheville for three months we were able to see and do a lot of things. We first heard about Asheville when we were in Alaska. Kyle was in charge of leading a hike to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain near Denali National Park. The couple he lead was from Asheville. They told him so many great things…outdoors, local breweries, art, mountains, etc. While living in Stowe we knew that Asheville was going to be our next destination. I kept researching and kept liking Asheville. I found out that Asheville is also vegan-friendly which I was excited about. We did have our concerns. We were apprehensive about going because it is in the South. We felt like we could be outsiders there. Well, we went for it. We had never been. We stayed in a motel for a couple of nights until we got an apartment. We left because we didn’t see ourselves living here long-term. It is humid. Anywhere outside Asheville is pretty conservative and religious. The streets were not biker friendly.

Art is big in Asheville. There are so many different kinds of artists here…painters, sculptures, potters, etc. There are many sculptures and murals scattered throughout the city. There is even an arts district filled with working art studios. They have a gallery walk every month.






















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