I will vote Jill Stein for President

I am sure that most of you have made up your mind for who you are going to vote for. If you have, that’s fine but please read. Feel free to comment.

I have been a Democrat my entire life mainly because my parents are Democrats. I thought more about it when I was in college. I like a lot of things the Democrats stand for…pro-choice, same-sex marriage, end corporate welfare, preserve ANWR, making sure everyone has access to affordable health care, etc. I voted for Obama the first time but I will not vote for him the second time! Here’s why:

  1. “The drone war he is waging in North Waziristan isn’t “precise” or “surgical” as he would have Americans believe. It kills hundreds of innocents, including children.” In order to make it seem like less civilians are being killed by drones the White House labels any male of military age that is present during a drone strike an enemy combatant.
  2. Obama signed The National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes the military to detain even U.S. citizens without trial.
  3. He has not shut down Guantanamo Bay. He promised to do so and it didn’t happen. Of the few cases that have gone to trial the courts have ordered several inmates be released and Obama has refused to release any of the inmates.
  4. He has given lots of money to banks without any accountability for what they will do with the money.

  5. Obama has also been pro-gun. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Obama has signed a law that permits Amtrak passengers to carry guns in their checked baggage and another that allows visitors to national parks and wildlife refuges to possess concealed guns. He has not pushed for actions he supported in his 2008 campaign, including closing the so-called “gun show loophole” that allows unlicensed private firearm sellers to sell weapons at gun shows without conducting the background checks and reporting requirements that registered gun dealers must conduct.”

I did some research about the other candidates. I found Jill Stein. I had never heard about her because she doesn’t get a lot of media attention. She will be on 85% of the ballots. I heard that Jill Stein was going to be in Bellingham, so last night I heard her speak. These are the reasons why I like her:

  1. Does not accept corporate donations.

2. Make the minimum wage a living wage.

  1. Reject cuts to Medicare and Social Security.
  • Break up the oversized banks.
  • Provide tuition-free education from Kindergarten through College.

  • Forgive existing student debt.

  • Provide complete, affordable, quality health care for every American.

  • Halt all drilling that poses a threat to public lands or water resources.

  • Abolish the electoral college and directly elect the President.

  • End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • I want to talk more about what happened last night. A Green Party Candidate said that he would never vote for a Republican or a Democrat again! I don’t like this statement. I don’t like that people say they belong to a certain party and will blindly vote for their chosen party. The party name should not be on the ballot. People should do their research and ask themselves if they believe in what the candidate stands for.

    After Jill Stein spoke, people were allowed to ask questions and make comments. There were two individuals who stood up and spoke their mind. They talked about the water crisis, global warming, voting green, how your vote won’t be wasted, etc. I thought these were all good points. However, people started snickering, interrupting, pounding tables, and saying, “Ok, we get it. I came here to listen to Jill Stein speak.” I understand why they were upset. They probably already knew about these points and wanted to hear Jill. But, I just thought this was rude. It is the moderator’s job to tell people to stop talking.

    Some other interesting points are that Jill Stein never mentioned her running mate and she never said vote for me.

    Some great quotes of the night were:

    “Instead of continuing to bail out the banks … how about instead we bail out the students? That would free up a generation who are really indentured servants right now. … They can do what their education trained them to do and reboot the economy.”

    “The green economy puts a halt to climate change and makes wars for oil obsolete.”

    “What we call a health care system now is really a sick care system. The sick care system is bankrupting us while we’re getting sicker … and maintaining those pharmaceutical and insurance company profits.”

    “The solution to bad government is not no government. Then all we have is corporate government.”

    I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.

    I will not vote out of fear.

    I will vote for what I believe.

    The only wasted vote is one that goes unused.

    *www.ontheissues.org, www.theatlantic.com, www.forbes.com, www.jillstein.org, www.bellinghamherald.com

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