Laughing Seed Cafe

The great thing about living in Asheville, North Carolina was eating at all of the vegan-friendly places. In my opinion, Laughing Seed is the second best vegan-friendly restaurant in Asheville after Plant. It is located on a side street amongst shops in downtown Asheville. Jack of the Wood, a local bar is downstairs and can be accessed by a staircase inside the restaurant.

Laughing Seed is organic, seasonal, farm to table vegetarian cuisine with an international flair. Their ingredients are locally sourced from area farms. The name, Laughing Seed is a plant that comes from a legend on the Indonesian island of Bouton. When the seeds of the plant were consumed, the people were intoxicated with laughter. The plant satisfied their appetites and created a sense of fullness and well-being which lasted for many days. Laughing Seed has won the title for Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Western North Carolina fourteen years in a row!

The setting is very peaceful and relaxing. In warm weather dining is available on their covered patio. Their menu consists of tastes and flavors from Thailand, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. They offer vegan, raw and gluten-free options.

Kyle had the Havana Cuban which is a herb and spice battered organic tempeh, crispy house made pickles, black bean spread, tomatoes, carmelized onions and mustard on Cuban bread. He thought the sauce was spicy and good, but felt like there was too much bread.

I had the Raw Spinach-Pesto Manicotti. It consisted of zucchini “noodles” stuffed with live sunflower-spinach pesto, cashew ricotta, and fresh basil served over sun-dried tomato marinara with house-marinated olives. I thought this dish was superb. First, it is absolutely beautiful. The flavor was amazing and it tasted so fresh!

Some of the other items on the menu include a tempecado wrap, Indian Thali Plate, vegan fettucine alfredo, Kung Pao Tofu, and vegan carrot cake. As you can see they have a very diverse menu and there is something for everyone. Do yourself a favor and have a meal at Laughing Seed when you are in Asheville, North Carolina!

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