Stowe, Vermont

Stowe from Sunset Rock

Kyle and I drove from Fort Collins, Colorado to Stowe, Vermont last October. We came to Stowe with no jobs, no place to live and no people we knew. I was hoping to get a ski instructor position. Our only other backup was to move to Ludlow, Vermont where Okemo Ski Resort is located. Some may ask why we would come to Vermont to go skiing. Well, I have lived my life in Colorado and the West and Kyle and I wanted to explore the East and see what it was all about. Yes, I knew the skiing wouldn’t be better and knew that it was mainly ice skiing. But, I didn’t care. For me it was about the new adventure and the new places we would get to see. The drive was beautiful since it was fall and the leaves had changed color. Driving through Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont was gorgeous! The day we arrived to Stowe, it was raining and we had to camp because we didn’t want to pay for a hotel room. Those first couple of nights were cold and wet. Thankfully I got a job as a full-time ski instructor and we were able to find a place to live.

•Stowe has a population of 4,339 at the 2000 census.

•Tourism is a significant industry.

•Stowe lies in a broad, fertile valley between Mount Mansfield and other peaks of the Green Mountains to the west and the “Hogback” mountains to the east.

  1. Stowe Community Church

  1. The Helen Day Memorial Library and Art Center

  1. Courthouse

  1. Cold Hollow Cider Mill

  1. Brookdale Bridge

  1. Bingham Falls

  1. Moss Glen Falls

  1. Stowe Mountain Resort

  1. The Green Mountain Inn

  1. Trapp Family Lodge-The von Trapp family from “The Sound of Music” came to Stowe after fleeing the Nazi regime in Europe.

  1. Ben & Jerry’s-Their factory is in Waterbury, just outside of Stowe. You can go on a tour and sample ice cream. Their sorbet is vegan:)

  1. Wiessner Woods

Sugar House

There was candy in the water bottle!

  1. Downtown Stowe

*Information from Wikipedia



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