What does “raw food” mean?

Raw food is food that has not been heated above 118 degrees. Since heating and processing food results in the loss of some nutrients and enzymes, the intent is that raw foods are better for your body and easier to digest. A study from the journal Nutrition & Food Science compared 141 American raw foodists to average nutrient intake of non-vegan people in the United States. As reported in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, or NHANES III, fiber, vitamins A, B6, C, and E, folate, copper, and potassium were much higher in those on a raw foods diet. Raw vegan food includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grain and legume sprouts, plant oils, sea vegetables, herbs and fresh juices.

Don’t go into this diet thinking that you are going to be 100% raw vegan right away. It takes time. The important thing is that you are adding more raw foods to your diet. If you are on this diet, it is important to take a vitamin B12 supplement since it does not occur reliably in plant foods.


  1. Lowers obesity and hypertension
  2. German research in 2003 showed significant benefits in reducing breast cancer risk when large amounts of raw vegetable matter are included in the diet.

  3. Short-term reduced fibromyalgia symptoms for some patients.

  4. Weight Loss

  5. More energy

  6. Clear Skin

  7. Improved digestion

  8. May decrease risks of cancer and heart disease

9. Reverses diabetes

*Watch the trailer for Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days!!!


*Information from Wikipedia, Livestrong.com

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