Lake Michigan

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I can’t believe I have waited this long to do a photography blog post on Lake Michigan. This is for my lovely Aunt who rents a cottage named Seagull on Lake Michigan every year. As a matter of fact, she is there right now!

Lake Michigan holds a special place in my heart. I remember the summers when my sister, my mom and I would fly into Detroit and go to Lake Michigan. My Grandmother and my Aunt would be there and my Uncle occassionally. The cottage that my Aunt rents is right on the lake which is amazing! The sunsets are gorgeous. My sister and I loved to swim in the lake. Some days there would be huge waves. We loved bodysurfing and hanging out on rafts in the water. My Aunt and Grandmother loved watching us from the beach. They sat on beach chairs with colorful umbrellas shading them from the sun.

I remember the birthday celebrations we would have. Both my Aunt’s birthday and Grandma’s birthday were in July so we would celebrate both of them at the same time. We would decorate the dining room with balloons, crepe paper, and birthday signs. My sister and I would always give them something homemade…clay necklaces and homemade cards.

I remember the closet filled with puzzles. I loved and still love puzzles.

I remember the sound of the waves crashing as I fell asleep on the porch.

I remember running up and down the sand dunes behind Seagull.

I remember picking blueberries which was a short drive from Seagull.

I remember reading and sunbathing on the beach.

I remember finding cool stones and shells and showing them to my Aunt.

I remember having fires in the fireplace when it was a little chilly outside.

I remember the year when there were a ton of dead alewives (fish) floating around. There wasn’t even enough room to swim!

I remember finding a huge dead fish on the shore with my sister.

I remember the beautiful sunsets.

I remember my Aunt cutting my hair:)

I can’t remember how many summers I spent there or the years I was there. But that doesn’t matter. What matters are the memories I had there and the memories I hope to make. I have many memories of my grandma there. I cherish those memories. Her sitting in the rocking chair on the patio reading or listening to music on her headphones or her sleeping.

After my grandma died, we stopped going to Lake Michigan. I missed the water, the time spent together, the sunsets…I am so happy that I was able to come back. I was there in July right before I got married and before I knew I was going to get married. I left Kyle in Fort Collins which was hard. It was an amazing feeling coming back. I was there for my Aunt’s birthday. Just like we had done in the past, I decorated the cottage and made a cake.

I have met many people at Seagull…Cousin Marsha and her husband, Sylvia, some of my Aunt’s friends and Jean.

I was able to bring my new husband Kyle to Seagull in October on our way to Stowe, Vermont!!! I was so happy I could share Lake Michigan with him. He loves it as much as I do. I now have new memories of Seagull and the lake…kayaking on the water, eating out with my Aunt in South Haven, having talks, running Skye (my Aunt’s husky) on the beach and through the woods past all of the amazing cottages, making meals, and antique shopping in South Haven.



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