Biloxi, Mississippi

I went to Biloxi for an alternative spring break trip in college. We worked with Hands On to help with hurricane relief from Hurricane Katrina. We helped with the rebuilding of homes, gardens, and parks.

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast with high winds, heavy rains and a 27-foot storm surge, causing massive damage to the area.

1.       The Shed: rib chandeliers, sweet tea, barbeque, bonfires…

 2.       New Orleans

Holocaust Memorial: The sculpture is composed of nine panels, each with different designs. As you view the sculpture from different angles, the designs on the panels meld to form distinct images.  

3.       A boat that was washed onshore from Hurricane Camille in ’69.

4. Hurricane Camille Memorial: A memorial to those who lost their lives in the most devastating storm to hit the Biloxi area in 1969. The Mississippi Coast was devastated by winds clocked at more than 200 mph and tidal waves surging up to 30 feet. 

5. Gulf Coast: man-made! They ship in new sand every five years. If they would have left the coast the way it was, the hurricane would not have been so devastating.