Newborn Photography: Cashing in on new mothers=immoral

I believe I am a person with good morals. I want to make sure that what I am doing is right.

It seems like I always find major flaws in the jobs that I work. For example, I had a hard time calling people to subscribe to newspapers. We could not put their name on the Do Not Call list unless they specifically said those three words. I disliked bugging people. People were usually very annoyed because they had received several calls or were being called at undesirable times such as in the middle of dinner.

Today I went to an interview with Our365. I applied to be a newborn photographer at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. I thought this job sounded interesting because I could gain more experience in photography especially if I wanted to become a professional photographer. I found out that as a newborn photographer you would go to rooms where women had given birth just 8-12 hours ago and try to sell photo packages. This is cold-calling. They haven’t requested you to come and are not expecting you. I think that this is very rude and annoying. The district manager didn’t seem to think so. No new parent is emotionally stable. They are overwhelmed. They are not going to be ready to get pictures taken when you come to their room. If I were a new Mom I would not appreciate having a stranger coming into my hospital room asking if they could take pictures of my baby. Also, their most expensive product is $279. That is insulting!!!

I have read some other reviews and here is what I found:

1.      Uses bullying sales tactics.


2.      Claims to sell sterling silver products that are really made of tin.


3.      They took unauthorized photos claiming they were for hospital use, when they were not.


4.      Some people received blurry pictures.


5.      Don’t refund or replace products.


6.      Cropped wrong.


7.      Misspelled names on baby announcement.

I told the district manager, Kelley Johnson that I was not interested in the job because of the 1 year commitment and the cold-calling aspect.

It is sad to hear that so many businesses are run immorally. It is also sad that it is all about the money. Why can’t they give a quality product?