Easy pita sandwich

I made up these pita sandwiches and I am obsessed with them. I have been eating them for lunch and dinner until I run out of ingredients!

I don’t make things in exact measurements. A lot of what I do is to taste.
1 whole wheat pita
Vegennaise or any other brand of vegan mayo
1/2 organic tomato
1/2 organic avocado
Lemon juice
Dash of salt
Red onion
Basil or any other herbs
1.       Take the pita and cut in half.
2.       Slather the bottom of both pita halves with Vegennaise. I just tried Vegennaise for the first time and       love it! It tastes just like mayonnaise, seriously.
3.       Cut 1/2 a tomato into 4 slices. Put 2 slices in each half.
4.       Cut the avocado and put in bowl. Add lemon juice and salt. Mash with fork. Put in halves.
5.       Dice part of a red onion, probably about 1/8 c- 1/4 c. Put in halves.
6.       Slice basil and lettuce and put in pita halves.
7.       Enjoy!!!