Anchorage, Alaska

Kyle and I got to Anchorage by way of the Alaska Railroad. We were lucky to get free tickets to the train since we were employed by Aramark in Denali National Park. We enjoyed roaming the streets of Anchorage. By the time it got dark, we decided to bar hop. I believe the last bar closed at 4 a.m. Well, knowing us you know that we are frugal and didn’t want to pay for a hotel room. We ended up going to a hotel and sleeping for a while in the coat closet in the basement. I didn’t sleep well because I was scared that someone would find us! We tried sleeping in the lobby on the coaches but the security guard wasn’t too happy with us. We enjoyed Anchorage and the train ride to get there.

 ●291, 826 residents in 2010: Alaska’s largest city.
●The city is on a strip of coastal lowland and extends up the lower alpine slopes of the Chugach Mountains.
●The city’s seacoast consists mostly of treacherous mudflats. Unwary victims have walked onto the solid seeming silt revealed when the tide is out and have become stuck in the mud.
The Coastal Trail: The trail is 11 miles in length. It follows the Anchorage coastline from Downtown Anchorage to its present at Kincaid Park.