Amendment 1: North Carolina Same-Sex Marriage

It is a shame that this amendment passed. It will now be hard to be proud of living here. I am happy to say that I live in Buncombe County where they voted against the amendment.

The measure defines marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and bans any other types of “domestic legal unions” such as civil unions and domestic partnerships. Same-sex marriage is already illegal in the state of North Carolina. The measure, however, added the ban to the constitution.
I am in total support of same-sex marriage. Everyone should have equal rights.
This amendment will likely strip away many of the legal rights associated with domestic partnerships or legal unions, so this also affects straight, unmarried North Carolina couples. For example, unmarried parents could no longer have the same child custody and visitation rights as married parents.
Just 36 percent of voters answered correctly that it bans both same-sex marriage and domestic partnership. Clearly, voters need to do their research. They need to know what they are voting on. Furthermore, North Carolina law should not be so confusing. It is sort of voting on a double negative. A “yes” on the legislation means a “no” for same-sex unions. It shouldn’t be so confusing. Also, education is key. People should not be allowed to vote if they don’t fully understand what they are voting on.