The Worst Fast Food: What has our world come to?

1. Burger King Bacon Sundae

Burger King recently unveiled this sundae at a Burger King in Nashville, TN! This sundae is believed to contain vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate and possibly caramel sauce. Bits of bacon are sprinkled on top with a strip of bacon for garnish.  In my opinion, this sounds absolutely disgusting!

2. Denny’s Mac N’ Cheese Big Daddy Paddy Melt

This melt has twice the calories of a stick of butter! Mac N’ Cheese is stuffed between buttered, toasted bread with a ground beef patty. Sauce and melted cheddar cheese is also added. The sandwich has 1690 calories and 99 grams of fat, 36 of them saturated.
3. Hot dog stuffed crust pizza available at Pizza Hut UK
4. Domino’s Oreo Cookie Pizza

A thin crust of cookie layered in vanilla sauce, covered in cookie crumbles, with icing. It contains 32 grams of fat and 960 calories.

5. Burger King Ultimate Breakfast Platter

This platter contains buttered eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, biscuit, and pancakes with syrup. It contains 1,310 calories, 72 grams of fat, and 2,490 mg of sodium.
6. Sonic Ring Leader Loaded Burger Double Patty

This burger contains bacon strips, onion rings, half pound of beef, two slices of cheddar cheese, and a double slather of mayonnaise. It contains 1,660 calories, 120 grams of fat and 1,450 mg of sodium.

7. Baskin-Robbins Fudge Brownie 31 Degrees Below (Large)

It contains 1,900 calories, 80 grams of fat, 1,350 mg of sodium, and 225 grams of sugar.
8. Chili’s Texas Cheese Fries with Chili and Ranch

Cheese, chili and ranch are piled onto a heap of fries. It contains 2,120 calories, 144 grams of fat, and 5,920 mg of sodium.

Eating frequent fast food meals causes teens and young adults to gain more weight and face an increased risk of developing insulin resistance according to the results of a study funded by the National Heart,Lung, and Blood Institute(NHLBI) and published in the January 1, 2005 issue of The Lancet.

Do your body a favor and don’t eat fast food!