Crazy times in Stowe, Vermont and our new adventure

Well, the winter season is about over. It has been a crazy winter here. The resort got about 210 inches of snow when they usually get 330 inches. We had a week where the weather was in the 70’s and early 80’s and that melted the snow very fast!

There were days when I thought skiing in crazy conditions was a joke. Some days were very, very windy. The three year olds would literally fall down or get swept away and hit other skiiers! There were days where the the slopes were a sheet of ice. I took some kids on a run that is usually very easy. However, on this particular day it was late in the season. The run was pretty icy. If they got out of control they would fly off the trail and hit solid ground or hit balls of ice. I did not take them on that run for the rest of the day. Of course, there were some amazing days as well. Around President’s weekend, we got 5 feet of snow in 9 days! We had so much fun skiing through the powder and through the trees. The three year olds would get stuck! One of us would stay behind them so that we could pick them up.

Crazy and scary skiing times:

  1. Child’s ski falling off from the chair lift.
  2. Kids sliding off the chair lift at the beginning of the ride because the public didn’t help them on.
  3. Kids not jumping off at the top and riding the chair lift back down.
  4. Kids not keeping their ski tips up when getting off and end up doing a nose dive under the chair lift.
  5. Three year olds crying the entire day.
  6. Ice slide: They would slide down so fast and we would catch them.
  7. Flying apple rides: If the kids were not into skiing we would take a ride on the gondola. It was called the flying red apple because the gondola is red.
  8. Waiting at the bottom of the chairlift waiting for shuttlers or public to take our kids up.
  9. Teaching 2 or more kids how to ski when they have never skiied before. (very tricky…trying to catch them as they come down because they can’t do the wedge)
  10. Having to carry kids down the headwall at the end of the season. The trail was about 4 feet wide and there were many rocks! The trail should have been closed.
  11. One day I had a group of kids. Two of them were twins. One was a boy and one was a girl. They were the craziest, most annoying kids I have ever met in my life. I have met a lot of kids in my life…they were constantly talking, following me, very demanding, etc. The girl puked and it came out of her nose. We were playing uno which she had never played before. She said that she pukes when she plays new games and that was normal for her.
  12. I heard a story about how a kid pulled down his pants and peed on the magic carpet!
  13. Code brown and code yellow! Thankfully, I didn’t have to change them.

I was an instructor for a program called Cubbusters. It was a season long program for three year olds. They came on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of them had never skiied before. We started them on the magic carpet. It was amazing to see their progression. By the end of the season we were taking them off of the gondola and through the trees!

The resort is officially closing on April 1st. I have one last day of work.

Kyle and I ushered at concerts and events at the performing arts center. These are the shows we worked: Cirque Shanghai, Anais Mitchell, Chris Davenport, Circo Comedio, Marc Cohn, Larry Miller, Danu, Celtic Crossroads and Second City.

I also worked in catering. There were some really cool events and there were some famous people. I catered a martini event where they would pour the drink through an ice sculpture. I worked at a wedding which was a lot of fun. They had a live band. I worked at an event that was hosted by Abigail Johnson. She is the president of Fidelity Investments and she is a billionaire. I worked an event where Bob Woodruff spoke. He is an ABC news journalist. He was in a coma after a bomb went off in Iraq. He miraculously survived.

Kyle and I are planning a trip to Montreal for a couple of days. We are moving out of our apartment on April 16th. We will then go on a road trip to Boston, NYC, Philadelphia and D.C. We plan on settling down in Asheville, NC if we like it there and if there are jobs there. If not we will probably find a place to live in Virginia or North Carolina.