Best and Worst Companies regarding social and environmental responsibility

This website provides people with a reliable account of the social and environmental responsibility of every company on the planet. This work is based on a comprehensive database of over 1000 companies and utilizes more than 25 reliable sources of data to cover everything from the environment to human rights, community development to animal protection. Data is collected over the past 20 years from a wide range of nonprofit sources on the social and environmental responsibility of companies. This data is then organized in a massive database that matches companies with their brands, assigns weights to each piece of data, and calculates an overall responsibility score.

Companies receive an A if they are the social and environmental leaders in their category.
The 20 Best Companies:
Seventh Generation, Method, Organic Valley, Clif Bar, Aveda, Tom’s of Maine, Dr. Bronner’s, King Arthur Flour, Earthbound Farm, Dansko Footwear, Patagonia, Working Assets, New Belgium Brewing, Nancy’s Dairy and Soy, Endangered Species Chocolate, Honest Tea, Earth Friendly, Annie’s Naturals, Eden Foods, Ben & Jerry’s
The 20 Worst Companies:
Exxon Mobil, Kraft, Walmart, Chevron Texaco, General Electric, General Motors, Nestle, Pfizer, Citibank, AIG, Microsoft, Archer Daniels Midland, Verizon, Procter and Gamble, Ford, Dillard’s, Vanity Fair, United Airlines, Sears, Bank of America
Companies that received an A:
Baby Care: Seventh Generation, Aubrey Organics, gDiapers, Healthy Times, Peapods, Nubius Organics, Organic Baby, Tushies, Earth’s Best, Tender Care, Earth Mama
Banks: ShoreBank, University Bank, VanCity Credit Union, New Resource Bank, Chittenden, Wainwright, Albina Community, City First, Franklin
Beer: New Belgium, Wolaver’s, Sierra Nevada, Eel River, Butte Creek, Peak
Body Care: Druide, Preserve, Dr. Bronner’s, Tweezerman, Method, Tom’s of Maine, Aveda, Aubrey, Kiss My Face, EO, Auromere, EcoLips, Pangea, Body Shop, Lush, Dr. Hauschka, NOW
Cereal: Alvarado Street, Nature’s Path, Envirokidz, Barbara’s, Peace Cereal, Arrowhead Mills, Health Valley, Earth’s Best, Yogi
Chips: Barbara’s, Little Bear, Bearitos, Garden of Eatin’, Hain, Terra, Kettle Chips
Chocolate: Endangered Species, Rapunzel, Equal Exchange, AlterEco, Divine, Theo, Shaman, Terra Nostra, Sjaak’s, Sweet Earth, Green & Black’s, Dagoba
Cleaning: Seventh Generation, Oxo Brite, Earth Friendly, Method, Dr. Bronner’s,
Clothes: Patagonia, Autonomie, No Enemy, Hempys, Ecolution, Deva, Maggie’s Organics
Coffee: Thanksgiving, Café Humana, Equal Exchange
Computers: GreenDisk, HP, Compaq
Cosmetics: Aveda, Aubrey, EO, Zia, Body Shop, Colorganics, Kiss My Face, Pangea
Credit Cards: Salmon Nation, Working Assets, Brighter Planet
Dairy Alternatives: Organic Valley, Nancy’s, Stonyfield Farm, Wildwood, WholeSoy
Energy Bars: Clif, Luna, Alpsnack
Fruits and Vegetables: Earthbound Farm, Sunridge Farms
Juice: Organic Valley, Adina, Sambazon, Zola
Meat Alternatives: Amy’s, Fantastic Foods, Wildwood, Sunshine Burgers
Milk Alternatives: Straus family, Eden, Organic Valley, Silk
Office Supplies: HP, IBM
Retail Stores: Patagonia, IKEA, REI
Shoes: Ecolution, Blackspot, No Sweat, Teva, UGG, Earth Shoes, Birkenstock
Supermarkets: Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Trader Joe’s

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