7 week plan to reduce our impact on the environment and to live simply

1st week (1/23-1/29): Go the entire week without using lights. We will use candles and an oil lamp. This will not be possible when we are at work. However, we will be conscious of lights and make sure that lights are turned off whenever possible.

2nd week (1/30-2/05): Go without television. We decided that we can still watch television on the internet.
3rd and 4th weeks (2/6-2/19): Go without buying anything. This includes gas, groceries, etc.
5th week (2/20-2/26): We will go without facebook, hulu, twitter, internet surfing, blogging, etc. We have decided that it will be okay to check our e-mail due to our jobs.
6th week (2/27-3/4): We will go without television, lights, and computer.
7th week (3/5-3/11): We will go without the stove, oven, microwave and anything that has to be plugged in.
*During these 7 weeks we will make at least 1 shopping trip where we do not buy anything that has packaging. We will utilize the bulk section by bringing in our own reusable bags.