Don’t throw your Christmas tree away

1. Instead of throwing your Christmas tree away, consider recycling it. When you are ready to get rid of your tree, contact your local recycling center or division of waste management to see if they are accepting trees. Remove all of your decorations before bringing them in. The trees will be turned into compost. In some cities, the division of waste management will pick up your tree. Often times the tree needs to be cut up or cut in half. Please note that many cities will not accept artificial trees.

2. If you have property or know someone who does, consider laying the tree outside. Christmas trees can make a great home for mice and birds during the winter.

3. Rent or share a shredder that will turn the tree into compost. Please note that shredded pine shouldn’t be put directly around plants.

4. Burn your tree. Use caution because when evergreens dry out they become explosively flammable.

5. Donate your artificial tree to thrift stores, reuse facilities, churches, schools or community organizations.

6. If you have a pond, you can place cut-up pieces of your Christmas tree on the bottom to create places for fish to hide.

7. Start a new compost pile with your tree. The best base for a new compost pile is a layer of thin branches.