Creating your own traditions and holidays

Since Kyle and I will no longer be celebrating religious holidays, we will start creating our own traditions and holidays. Set days in which you spend time with your loved ones doing special things.

Many holiday traditions are centered around food. Decide to make special treats and food at different times of the year. Make things that you want to make instead of making a traditional ham or turkey dinner. My family has a tradition of making lefse, a Norwegian tortilla around the end of December or early January.
Plan your own holidays and traditions in which you do different activities. For example, Kyle and I have decided to go camping every year on our anniversary. I think it could be fun to dedicate one day a month in which we do something special. For example, for the month of January, we could decide to go cross country skiing. We could make that a tradition and go every year. Traditions can also be silly. For example, you could dedicate one day a year in which you watch movies all day and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Traditions are fun because you look forward to them.
Steps on how to make your own holiday:
1.       Make up a holiday that matches your interests and hobbies.
2.       Make up a creative name for your event.
3.       Choose a date for your event. You can make it any time you want.
4.       Celebrate your event with friends and family.
There are some unusual holidays that many people don’t know about. Maybe you will decide to celebrate these holidays and create traditions for them:
1: Polar Bear Plunge or Swim Day
8: Bubble Bath Day
19: Popcorn Day
2: Crepe Day
21: International Pancake Day
2: Dr. Suess Day
7: Cereal Day
14: Pi day (as in the math pi, 3.14)
22: International Goof-off Day
2: Tater day
6: New Beer’s Eve: celebrating the end of prohibition
18: National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day
5: Cartoonists Day
11: Eat what you want day
12: National miniature golf day
4: National Barefoot Day
15: Nature Photography Day
20: Summer Solstice
7: Chocolate Day
27: Walk on Stilts Day
5: Sister’s Day
17: National Thrift Shop Day
10: Swap Ideas Day
19: Talk like a pirate day
22: Car free day
1: World Vegetarian Day
9: National Face your Fears Day
1: National Men Make Dinner Day
11: Origami Day
4: National Cookie Day
21: Winter Solstice