Why I don’t celebrate Christmas

I want to start by saying that I don’t want to offend people if they do celebrate Christmas.
● There is a short and simple explanation to why I do not celebrate Christmas. I am an atheist and a minimalist.
● I don’t need to celebrate Christmas to be normal and fit in.
● Kyle and I are going to start our own holidays and traditions.
Christmas is a very popular holiday. It is celebrated by 2 billion people worldwide. People in nations with little or no Christian history or tradition are celebrating it.

Here are reasons why I don’t celebrate Christmas:

1. Christmas is driven by consumerism. The shopping season has become absolutely outrageous! People get trampled trying to get into stores to get good deals. We don’t need stuff in order to be happy in life. I can understand people wanting things that will improve their quality of life. But, spending has gotten to the point where it is over the top. Why buy a new laptop if you have one that works? In 2003, the average American spent an average of $835 on holiday gifts.

2. Christmas is wasteful. Many people already have what they need to live. By buying things we don’t need, more stuff ends up in the landfill. Think about all of the wrapping paper that gets thrown out and all of the Christmas trees that end up in the dump. About 31 million trees are cut down each year for Christmas.

3. Christmas causes a lot of stress.  You worry about what you are going to get people and if you have enough time to go shopping. You worry about the quality of the food you will make.

4. I am an atheist. It wouldn’t make sense for me to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God because I don’t believe in God. It is hard for me to believe in the bible since it was written a long time ago. Jesus may have lived or he may not have. I don’t believe the supernatural stories about him. Since I don’t feel Jesus has a part in my life, there is no reason to celebrate his birth. Even if I was a Christian, I would not celebrate it. Here’s why:

a. There is no biblical evidence that December 25th was Jesus’ birth date.
b. The major symbols of Christmas (Santa Claus, reindeer, decorated trees, holly, mistletoe) came from ancient pagan festivals.
c. Christmas is nowhere mentioned in the Bible.
d. The Bible does not tell us to observe a holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth.
*If people celebrated their own holidays, airports wouldn’t be packed at certain times. Places wouldn’t be closed on certain holidays.
*Don’t assume that all people celebrate Christmas. Instead of saying Merry Christmas, say Happy Holidays.