Vegan Pizza

My favorite food before going vegan was pizza! I loved itJ After becoming vegan, I made a lot of vegan pizza to satisfy my cravings. There are many ways you can make vegan pizza. There are many different toppings, sauces, and crust you can use.

Makes two 9 inch pizzas.

1. Make the pizza dough. Start preparing toppings while pizza dough is rising.

Pizza Crust Ingredients:
1 ½ c. warm water
¼ ounce packet yeast
1 tsp. salt
3 c. flour
Pizza Crust Directions:
1.       Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2.       Whisk water and yeast until dissolved.
3.       Add salt and whisk again.
4.       Stir in flour and knead.
5.       Set aside and let dough rise for 20 minutes.
6.       Knead again. Let rise for another 10-20 minutes.
7.       Split the dough in two. Spread dough out on two pizza pans. You can also make one big pizza pan.
8.        Use a cookie sheet if desired. Make sure to grease the pans with olive oil!
9.       Spread olive oil on the top and bake for 10 minutes. Take out and add your favorite toppings.

Additional Crusts:
-Use a bagel or a tortilla for the crust!
-You can also buy a store bought pizza dough mix. Pillsbury makes one!

Directions for pizza toppings:

1. Saute ½ an onion and 4 cloves of garlic in olive oil. Season with black pepper, crushed red pepper, oregano and parsley.
2. Saute 1 can of artichokes in olive oil with lemon juice and paprika.
3. Brown ½ of a Gimme Lean ground beef tube or any mock vegan meat. I seasoned the meat with mesquite seasoning.
4. To make the pizza, spread the two pizzas with tomato sauce. I buy tomato sauce at the store that doesn’t have any sugar in it. Spread the onion mixture, then the artichokes, then the meat onto the pizzas. Sprinkle daiya cheese (I like Mozzarella) on the pizzas.

5. Cook the pizzas at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted. 

6. Add basil, parsley, or oregano. 

Additional toppings:
Vegan pepperoni (Yves makes them!)
Red/green bell peppers
Additional sauces:
Bbq sauce