Are ghosts real?

I have been on a ghost “kick” lately. This started because I heard that Emily’s Bridge, a covered bridge in Stowe, Vermont is haunted. The locals say that Emily committed suicide on this bridge. The story of Emily starts in the 19th century where she was living in Stowe with her parents. Her parents were overprotective and would not allow Emily to court any of the young men in town. However, one day a young man entered her life and captured her heart. Her parents did not allow her to see him. They decided to elope. They planned to meet at the bridge at midnight. Emily got to the bridge and waited but her lover never showed. She was very upset. Emily untied the rope that she used to bundle her belongings and hung herself.

Many people have experienced disturbing things. These include scratch marks on their car, scratch marks on their back as they walk through the bridge, their cars being shaken as they drive through the bridge, a white apparition near the bridge, hearing sounds of Emily sobbing, screaming, and malfunction of cameras.

Gravestone in Stowe cemetery thought to have been Emily’s gravestone

Kyle and I have visited the bridge during the day and at night. When we went at night there were people sitting in their cars. We did not want to walk through the bridge while people were there so we just drove through. Nothing happened. We are planning to go again. We want to take pictures and do an audio recording.

After hearing about Emily’s Bridge, I started watching the shows, “Paranormal Witness” and “My Ghost Story.” When I was growing up I had heard ghost stories and I had seen pictures of ghosts. However, I never believed in ghosts because I thought that the stories were made up and I thought the pictures could be explained logically. After watching some episodes of these shows, I really began to wonder if ghosts were real. These shows follow people’s accounts of their ghost stories. There are pictures, audio recordings and even video recordings. I believe that something must be happening if all of these people are experiencing something. Why would all of these people make up stories? The possibility of ghosts existing scares me because it would change my view on religion and the afterlife. I currently believe that when we die, we just die. We don’t go to heaven or hell. There is no afterlife.

I am open to the possibility of ghosts existing. However, I don’t know if I could definitely believe in ghosts until I have an experience myself.

popular picture of a ghost

Ghosts are real:

1.      There are many eyewitness accounts of people seeing ghosts, hearing ghosts, etc.
2.      Photos and video recordings that can’t be debunked.
3.      Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Ghosts are not real:

  1. Photos can be manipulated.
  2. Kyle and I both think that the audio recordings that are taken on paranormal shows do not sound like anything. Try closing your eyes and figure out what they are saying. They call these EVP’s or electronic voice phenomenon. Most of the EVP’s are probably static or natural disturbances of the electromagnetic field in the area. The static may sound like words because the brain tries to make sense of the chaos.
  3. I don’t believe that feelings and goosebumps count as evidence.
  4. Many things can create orbs such as dust, insects, and flash reflections.
  5. Many paranormal investigators use unscientific equipment such as dowsing rods. There are no scientific or logical reasons for using certain equipment to detect ghosts. EMF detectors measure electromagnetic fields, not ghosts. Infrared cameras reveal the infrared spectrum, not ghosts. There is no evidence that ghosts have anything to do with electromagnetic fields, infrared images, ions, temperature drops, etc.
  6. If ghosts are real why weren’t there reported sightings at the sight of the World Trade Centers after 9/11?
    7Shouldn’t there be ghosts everywhere given the amount of people that have died throughout history on this planet?
  7. The closing of doors can be caused by swelling with the changing seasons.
Have you experienced the paranormal? Tell me your stories.