Inspired by No Impact Man

I just finished the book, “No Impact Man.” It was fantastic and very inspirational! It is about a man named Colin Beavan who lives with his wife and child in a New York City apartment. He decides to live a year making zero net impact on the environment. That means no trash, no electricity, no elevators, no toilet paper, no toxins in the water, no television, etc.

*There is also a documentary.
No one is perfect. I certainly haven’t been able to become 100% environmentally friendly. I take the bus, watch television, use toilet paper, and turn on lights. However, I am always striving to do what I can. I always have goals and I post them on the refrigerator. All I am saying is for you to be more conscious of what you are doing and how it impacts the world. Reduce your negative impact as much as possible! You can make a differenceJ
How you can be no impact man or woman:
No trash
Don’t buy food with packaging. Use the bulk section and produce section of the grocery store. Don’t use plastic bags at the bulk section, produce section and when checking out. Use reusable bags. You can find reusable food bags here.
Don’t use toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, tampons/pads, or disposable diapers. Use cloth diapers.
Alternative to tampons/pads: the moon cup
Alternative to disposable diapers: cloth diapers
Use reusable cups when you go to coffee places. Take reusable containers to take-out places.
Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
No mass transportation
Walk, bike, rollerblade, scooter instead of taking the bus, subway, train, or car. Don’t go on an airplane.
No electricity
Use oil lamps and candles. Read instead of watching television.
Do it yourself
Make your own cleaners. Use baking soda for deodorant and shampoo.
Don’t buy new products
Borrow, rent or buy used.
Eat locally
Don’t eat meat. Think about the trees we cut down for pasture land. Think about animal waste going into our waters. Think about the methane farts and burps from cows.
People may think that this is all very depressing and that we will no longer be happy. However, you will realize that you will have more time to spend with people you love and care about, you will eat better, get more exercise, and learn.

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