14 Frugal Gift Ideas

‘tis the season for busyness and stress. Many people are buying gifts for Christmas, Hanukah, etc. They are stressing out about what to give their loved ones and people they care about and appreciate.

This is my first year not celebrating Christmas and that means I don’t have to stress over giving gifts. I am not celebrating because I am an atheist and do not believe in consumerism. However, if I were giving gifts I would give meaningful frugal gifts. We do not need to buy new material gifts because that will just add to the landfill. Stuff doesn’t make people happy; it’s the time shared with people.
There are many gifts you can give people to show that you appreciate them. During these hard economic times, many people are on a budget and can’t spend a lot of money on gifts. This is a list of affordable gifts.

Frugal Gift Ideas:

1. Frame a picture of you with them. (Look for a picture frame at a thrift store.)
2. Homemade cookies, breads, jam, etc.
3. Gift certificate
4. Create a scrapbook or photo album.
5. A burned CD with all the person’s favorite songs.
6. IOU booklets with services you are willing to perform.
7. Knit or crochet something for someone.
8. Create your own art. (sketch, painting, poem, short story, photography)
9. If you have a garden, pot a plant.
10. Used books that look brand-new.
11. Give a re-gifted item.
12. Make a handmade necklace or bracelet.
13. Plan a day full of inexpensive but meaningful time together.
14. A home-cooked meal