Simplify Your Life By Saying NO

I was that person who said yes to everything. If someone asked me to do something I said yes. I was never able to say no because I wanted to please people. I wanted to be accepted and wanted people to like me. It got to the point where I asked myself, “Am I doing this because I want to do this?” It also got to the point where I didn’t have time for myself.
The simple answer to this is to do what you love. Don’t do something because someone wants you to do it. People will take advantage of you and walk all over you.
Think about what is important to you. Cut out all the rest that distracts you and keeps you from doing what is important. Simplify your life. Our lives are so overloaded. Don’t worry…cutting something out of your life will not leave an empty hole!

Learning to say no:

1. Examine all of your commitments. Ask yourself if they are really important to you and if they give you value for your time.
2. Take guilt out of the equation. Don’t agree to do something you would rather decline because of feelings of guilt or obligation. This will likely lead to added stress and resentment.
3. When saying no, be direct, honest, and brief.
4. Realize it is okay to say no.

Things you may cut from your life:

1. Hours of surfing the web
2. Television
3. Gambling
4. Going to the mall
5. Negative people and people who are disrespectful to you
6. A job that doesn’t make you happy
7. Social engagements you don’t want to go to
8. Volunteer work that doesn’t support your values and goals
9. Reading an entire book when you’ve already decided you don’t like it by Chapter 3
10. Birthday parties, afterschool activities, sports or events that you deem unnecessary or are simply too much to handle logistically.

I realize no one is perfect. I know that it is easier said than done. I know I could watch less television and spend less time on Facebook. I am going to start asking myself, “Am I doing anything meaningful right now?” “If I were to die tomorrow, would I be proud of what I did today?”