The Life of Kyle and Erica

We moved to Stowe, Vermont in mid-October. We moved here without jobs. Many people would think this is risky. But, we love adventure. We loved not knowing where we were going to live or what we were going to do. The reason why we packed everything out of our Fort Collins apartment and drove across the country is because I wanted to be a ski instructor at the resort. I could have had a phone interview but I would have a better chance of getting a job if I went to the interview day. We both wanted to explore and live in the East Coast.

When we arrived in Stowe, Vermont it was down pouring. We had spent the last couple of nights in the car and we wanted to sleep in a tent. We are very frugal! We spent the night at a state park near the resort. It rained the entire night. I went to the interview day and got a job as a full time ski instructor! Luckily, we were able to find a furnished basement that we could rent right away. Kyle worked a couple of weeks clearing trails for the cross country ski center. He is now working as a pumps and compressors operator for the resort. He is able to run the snow machines by computer. I was also able to get a part-time job working in catering. We are both going to be volunteering as ushers at the Performing Arts Center so that we can see performances for free. They are hoping to get James Taylor for New Years!
Waterfalls, near where we live
I have not been working the past month. Training doesn’t start until November 28th. I have enjoyed setting up 4 different blogs and blogging regularly. I have also started to get into running. I am ready to start working though. In our free time we have explored Stowe and the surrounding areas. We went to Montpelier. We explored the Capitol building and went to a maple syrup farm. We also went to Burlington. We explored Church Street, saw Lake Champlain, toured a winery and toured Magic Hat Brewery. We have also toured an apple cider mill and have seen glass blowers. 
Church Street in Burlington
Stowe is a great town! There are no street lights or fast food restaurants! There are about 5,000 people living here. We live in Lower Village which is a mile from the historic district. We live on the other side of the river on a dirt road. The old Tubb’s mill is down the road. (Tubb’s is a popular type of snowshoe). The Trapp family, from Sound of Music settled in this area. There is a Trapp Family Lodge. There is a great library in town. An art gallery is right above the gallery. There is a great recreation path that is 5.5 miles long. People cross country ski on it in the winter. The resort is 7 miles from town but during the winter there is a free shuttle that goes to the resort. We have enjoyed looking at art galleries, listening to live music and hiking to waterfalls around Stowe. 
Glen Moss Falls
This is our life. I am excited for the resort to open so that I can start skiing! I am also excited to teach kids how to ski. Soon enough, the winter season will be over and we will figure out what our new adventure will be!
Stowe Mountain Resort without snow…yet!