The pledge of allegiance in schools

There is a huge controversy over having the pledge of allegiance recited in schools. The pledge was originally composed in 1892 and the words “under god” were added in 1954. Students have the choice of whether to stand and say the pledge of allegiance. There have been cases in which particular students have not participated. Some of these students have been ridiculed and called “unpatriotic”. This is a free country. People don’t have the right to tell people what to do. I applaud the students who stood up for themselves!

I was faced with an interesting situation when I worked at Primrose School of Fort Collins. They are a private school and they sing a song about god before snack time and meal times. The end of the song states, “Thank you God for everything.” I don’t believe in a God and could not sing this song. I told the director and she told me that I didn’t have to sing the song. I was relieved. However, I still felt awkward being the only one not singing! I received my degree in Elementary Education. If I were to become a teacher, I am sure my school would have the students say the pledge of allegiance. I know we have a right to not say it but I don’t think it should be in the schools at all.
I don’t believe we are a nation with liberty and justice for all.
2011 Headlines
●September 8, 2011: Group wants Pledge of Allegiance pulled from Mass. Town schools: The group says the pledge didn’t have any educational value, and the students who refused to say the pledge are being bullied.
●October 24, 2011: Air force veteran upset daughter’s class recites pledge of allegiance: Mother said she enrolled her daughter at the John Stanford International School because it promoted a multicultural perspective and celebrated diversity. She says the pledge policy retreats from it. Her daughter is half-Jamaican. The school started saying the pledge to comply with the school district’s policy.
●November 8, 2011: Michigan Republicans introduce bill that forces students to recite pledge of allegiance: People against the bill state that children aren’t even old enough to understand a pledge. They also state that many students are not even citizens of this country.