7 Things You Don’t Need!

I am not trying to be a Debbie downer. I just think that we can save our money, reduce our waste and simplify our lives. You don’t have to stop doing all of these things. Take it in baby steps. If you get coffee every morning, try and go three times a week instead and work your way up so that you only go once every couple of weeks. You don’t need to stop doing all of these things. Pick one and start with that.

1.   You don’t need to go to the movies. Going to the movies is a lot of fun but it can be very expensive especially if you buy popcorn, candy, pop, etc. If you still want to go to the movies, opt out of going to the concession stand. My mom would pop popcorn ahead of time and put it in her big purse. She would also bring drinks. If we brought pop we would wait until it got loud and then we would open it so that no one would notice. Find out if there is a cheap movie place in your area. Some places only charge $2 for a movie!!! That’s a great dealJ
2.   You don’t need to buy new books. Books are expensive. Go to a library. You can even download books on your computer from the library. If you want to own books, go to a used bookstore or buy used books on amazon.com.
3.   You don’t need to eat out. Going out to eat can be a lot of fun but it can also be expensive if you go out a lot. I’m not saying that you should never go to a restaurant again. Just try to cut back.
4.   You don’t need to buy a coffee every morning. Think about all those cups you’re wasting! If you go to a coffee place bring your own mug. Getting coffee at a place should be a treat not a norm. Try and cut back.
5.   You don’t need to buy new clothes. Buy your clothes at a thrift store or a consignment store. There are some nice consignment stores that sell slightly used clothes. One example is Plato’s Closet. Ross is also a great place.
6.   You don’t need cable television. Chances are you don’t have that much time to watch television anyways. I know for me it is a pain to surf through all of the channels! When I do find a show I want to watch, I surf through the channels at the commercial break and then I forget about the original show I was watching. Either get the local channels or don’t have a television at all! I have lived without television for a month and I don’t miss it! I watch shows on hulu.com and I go to the library to get DVD’s. You can also go to redbox or try Netflix.
7.   You don’t need magazine prescriptions. Often times you read the magazine and then never read it again. Instead, read your favorite magazine at the library or go online and read articles for free!
Once you cut these things out of your life you will notice that you will be happier. You will have a simpler life and will have more money that you can spend on more important things.