Why humans are not meant to eat meat

  1. Humans have small mouths suitable for softer plant foods while carnivores have wide mouths suitable for swallowing large chunks of meat.
  2. Human teeth are similar to those found in other herbivores. Our canines are flat and small. Our incisors are flat and spadelike, useful for peeling and biting relatively soft materials.
  3. Our nails are not claws.
  4. We find rotting or raw flesh gross. (Isn’t it interesting that we have to cook and season the meat to make it taste better? No other animal does this.)
  5. We have an intestinal tract 10-12 times our body length while carnivores have an intestinal tract that is only 3 times their body length so that they can rapidly pass decaying meat.
  6. Humans have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a carnivore making it harder to break down meat.
  7. Humans have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains while carnivores don’t.

This gives evidence as to why humans are not supposed to eat meat. We are conditioned to eat meat. It is what we have known since our parents fed us meat. We can easily live without eating meat. It is even healthier!!!

Where I got the information:
The Face on Your Plate by Jefferey Moussaieff Masson
“How humans are not physically created to eat meat”

One comment

  1. Trevor Lucius

    I can't accept the argument that humans are not meant to eat meat or the connotations of what “meant” implies.

    We're omnivores, we succeed at eating plants or meat, or both. Without addressing this point by point, the proof is in the pudding: humans have been eating meat for 2.5 million years and counting. Excessive meat (and diary) consumption is one thing, and ethics are an entirely other issue, but that's besides the point…

    It's worked so far whether we were “meant” to or not. And for humans at certain times in history or in specific parts of the world, both past and present, eating animals has been one of their easiest, abundant, and most readily available sources of nutrition.

    The science is real and demonstrable that humans can and do live healthy lives with the inclusion of meat in their diets, despite our shortcomings in regards to physical nature (or lack there of) of our modern bodies versus our carnivore friends.