Vegan for Environmental Reasons

  1. Nearly 1/3 of the land surface of the planet is dedicated to livestock.
  2. Animal waste seeps into rivers, lakes, and oceans killing wildlife and polluting air, water, and land in ways devastating to human health.
  3. Farmed animals in the US produce 130 times as much waste as the human population.
  4. Livestock are responsible for 18% of greenhouse emissions measured in CO2 equivalent.
  5. Livestock are responsible for almost two-thirds of anthropogenic ammonia emissions which contribute significantly to acid rain and acidification of eco systems.
  6. Livestock accounts for over 8% of gloval human water use.
  7. Expansion of livestock production is a key factor in deforestation.

Facts from “Eating Animals” and “Vegan Outreach”Facts from “Eating Animals” and “Vegan Outreach”