Simplify your Life

Are you unhappy because you have a complicated and cluttered life? You will be happier if you simplify and unclutter your life. I just moved from Fort Collins, CO to Stowe, VT. We had furniture, books, odds and ends, etc. We needed all of our stuff to fit in one car because we didn’t want to rent a moving van. We took our furniture to consignment stores and sold our books. The stuff we couldn’t sell, we gave to Goodwill. We felt very free and liberated once we got rid of all that stuff. We don’t realize that we only need a couple of things to live. If you haven’t used something in the past month, you should get rid of it. Things to get rid of:

  1. Old textbooks
  2. Papers from college
  3. Books and DVDs (You can get them at the library)
  4. Nick nacks, decorative things (Keep a couple of things that mean a lot to you, but people tend to collect too many)
  5. Overabundance of kitchen stuff (You don’t need 20 knives, tons of mixing bowls, etc.)
  6. Toiletries (Do you really need 5 bottles of lotion?)

Can you fit all of your belonging into one car? If not, get rid of some stuff! We don’t need things in order to be happy. The people and experiences you have in your life are the things that matter:)