Bryce Canyon National Park

I went to Byce in December 2009. Going to Bryce in December is absolutely gorgeous! It is also a great time to beat the crowds. You are more likely to see more of the bigger animals, such as deer and elk.

Things to see and do:
1. Visitor Center: Here you can obtain hiking and driving directions, a schedule of ranger-led programs and see the 20 minute film entitled, “Shadows of Time”.
2. Rainbow and Yovimpa points: viewpoint of the Grand Staircase, Bristlecone Loop hike (.8 miles)
3. Ponderosa Canyon: Agua Canyon Connecting Trail
4. Agua Canyon: view of the hoodoos
5. Natural Bridge: view of an arch
6. Fairview Point
7. Swamp Canyon: Swamp Canyon Loop Trail (4.3 miles)
8. Paria View: good place to look for Peregrine Falcons, Paria Loop (cross country skiing trail)
9. Bryce Point: Peek a boo loop trail (5.5 miles)
10. Inspiration Point
11. Sunset Point: view of hoodoos, Navajo loop trail (2.9 miles)
12. Sunrise Point: Queens garden trail (2.9 miles)
13. Fairyland Canyon: Fairyland Loop Trail (8 miles)
Go backcountry camping, car camping, cross country skiing, attend ranger programs, snowshoe and hike!!!

Budget tips:

  1. Get the National Parks Pass for $80 if you plan on visiting other National Parks.
  2. Camp instead of staying in a hotel.
  3. Take the free shuttle to save gas and the environment.
  4. Don’t take a guided tour. They tend to be expensive. Instead, attend a ranger program or do research before arriving.
  5. If it’s too cold to camp, stay in a hotel outside of the park. (Panguitch, Utah)
  6. Make your own food instead of eating at a restaurant.