Why Blog?

I decided to blog to express how I am thinking and to have an outlet. I want this to be a place where I can organize my thoughts, look back at adventures and learn. I would also love to write about simple living, veganism, photography and political/social issues.

Right now I am living in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is a gorgeous town and I feel so lucky to live here. My boyfriend, Kyle and I have taken advantage of the many things to do here. We have toured most of the breweries, gone to a lot of the music festivals, and enjoyd the many parks and natural areas. However, we both are in a rut. We moved here in November after going to Hawaii. We didn’t have any other plans so I suggested Fort Collins. I found a job right away and that was probably a bad thing because I worked as a telemarketer. I could only handle it for a month since I was constantly being yelled at. I was thrilled when I quit! After quitting I felt pressured into getting another job and I felt like the only job I could get was in an area in which I had experience. I got a job as an early preschool teacher. The kids were so cute and I had a lot of  fun most of the time. I quit that job because it was overwhelming to take care of 12 two year olds! I feel a little foolish for even taking the job because my mentor teacher in Sheridan had told me that I would be better suited for older kids and that is probably true considering that I like control and am a perfectionist. I just don’t want the experiences I have had teaching early preschool and kindergarten steer me away from teaching if it is something I would have a lot of fun doing.

So that takes me to where I am now. I have been unemployed for a little over a month. I feel so much more relaxed. I don’t have the pressure to find another job right away because I have money saved up. I really wanted to use this time to figure out what I truly wanted to do in life. In fact, I feel like I have wasted a lot of time watching movies, dinking around on facebook and sleeping. I hear about my friends traveling and doing cool things and that is what I want to be doing. Both Kyle and I are ready to get going and have some really fun adventures. So, that is what we will do.